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Film Festival

24 - 27 March 2024

What is the Orthopedic Film Festival?

The Orthopedic Film Festival is the one-of-a-kind opportunity to look behind the curtain into the operating theatre and learn new techniques, strategies and technologies directly from the surgeons themselves. Unveil your best tip, trick or surgical technique on the big screen to an audience of global peers.

The OFF 2024 is a year-round event, leading up to the cinematic production on March 24 – 27, 2024, where your short, surgical videos will be evaluated by a jury of peers. The winner of each category will win the attention of an international audience, join the ranks of an elite group of winners, and go home with a cool cash prize.

Begin planning your submission for the 2024 event now – our team of production and editing experts are happy to support in your contribution preparation. What are you waiting for – apply for your spot in the program now!


30 NOV 2023 Application Deadline
1 MAR 2024 All Submissions Deadline
24 MAR 2024 OFF 2024 - Day 1: Lower Extremity – Sports
25 MAR 2024 OFF 2024 - Day 2: Upper Extremity – Sports
26 MAR 2024 OFF 2024 - Day 3: Reconstruction
27 MAR 2024 OFF 2024 - Day 4: Trauma & Spine

Looking for
Inspiration to get started?

Check out an example from one of our winners and how he created his video. Feel free to use this as a short tutorial on how to plan yours!


The Awards

The Orthopedic Film Festival is your opportunity to present new knowledge to the masses in a unique, entertaining format. The surgeons who are able to produce the most innovative and instructional videos will go home with glory, a digital award, and a cool cash prize.

Each video will be in the running to win its respective daily Topic Category with a cash prize of € 500. You can additionally choose to compete in 1 Special Category, where your video will go up against the full roster of submissions for a cash prize of € 250. Only one video can win each special category award.

Topic Categories

Lower Extremity – Sports
Upper Extremity – Sports
Trauma & Spine

Special Categories

Next Generation (under 40*)
Female Surgeon
Best Film Production
Best Industry Contribution

*born after 24 March 1984

Apply Today

Please complete the following application in full. The application deadline is 30 November 2023 for all submissions. Applications will be accepted on a rolling admission basis. Please note that the final deadline to receive submissions is 1 March 2024. Any submission video received after this time will not be accepted.

Primary Author
Video Categories
Select 1 Topic Category and 1 Special Category (if desired)
*born after 24 March 1984

OFF Award Winners

Join the elite group of winners, whose captivating videos and inspirational techniques earned them the esteemed Best Video Award for their categories in past Orthopedic Film Festival Events. You could be next!

Rewatch the OFF

Need inspiration? Enjoy free, unlimited access to past OFF events to get your creative juices flowing!

Orthopedic Film Festival 2023 – Lower Extremity & Sports

Orthopedic Film Festival 2023 – Upper Extremity & Sports

Orthopedic Film Festival 2023 – Recon, Trauma & Spine

Become a Partner

Put your best product in the spotlight! Create a video about your most original procedure and get featured in the main program. No time for video production? The OFF offers a range of unique sponsorship opportunities.


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